For a standard "off-the-shelf" option for a frame with a mat, a 20x24 is the way to go. You can even get one with the mat already included and cut to fit your 16x20 print.

Frame ideas for 16x20 art print

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The following options will give you a look similar to the photos in our shop listings:

If you do not want a white mat around your print, then all you need to do is purchase a standard 16x20 frame, like the ones listed below. Many include a white 11x14 cutout mat in the frame, simply remove it. 

Purchasing more than one 16x20 print? Here are some multipacks of frames that will save you money.

Looking for some different color options?

White Frames for Fine Art Prints

White Frames:

Gold Frames for Fine Art Prints

Gold Frames:

Wood Frames for Fine Art Prints

Wood Color Finishes:

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